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About Us

Welcome to one of the largest European LAN & WLAN Networks and Telecoms shops.

Providing you with professional network solutions.

Office Z Axuse [160x160].jpg Axuse’s vision in the European market is to enrich people’s lives by transforming the way the world communicates. Axuse is dedicated to the sales of networking equipment and has established a reputation for supplying superior LAN equipment and Ethernet products. Axuse is able to offer cutting-edge technology, deliver quality products, and ultimately achieve success and growth.

Axuse focus is on the latest networking and telecommunication products for wireless and LAN networks. We offer a variety of connectors, adapters, splitters, cables, patch cables and cords, testers, meters and tools, through direct contact with the producers. We can also accommodate special orders outside of our regular offer.

Client satisfaction is our first priority.

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Axuse has a strong focus on solutions that maximize value for our customers. Our success is determined on how well we perform for our customers, and this requires teamwork. Our Sales, Distribution, and Technical Support teams work together to insure this success. 

We want our customers to view us as an essential part of their success, by providing them with an experienced and knowledgeable staff, excellent supplier partnerships, and continual improvement. We also deliver on any commitments we make, offering special prices and services when applicable.

Axuse also supports and participates in many sports events. To survive in today’s global marketplace, our competitive philosophy motivates us to stay ahead of the rest. We offer products and services in the communications industry that provides competitive advantages for our customer.



Ajsa Sp. z o.o. [Axuse Trandemark]
Budowlanych 50 
45-123 Opole, Poland

VAT Number: PL7543132293

International Sales Department Number +48 (51) 55 156 01


e-mail info@axuse.com


Bank Account (EUR):

Bank name: Santander Bank Polska S.A.

Currency                 Bank Account No. IBAN
EUR PL28 1090 2170 0000 0001 4229 1553
PLN PL11 1090 2170 0000 0001 4303 7789
USD PL07 1090 2170 0000 0001 4229 1543