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Adaptor TwistPort TPA-C5x for Mimosa RF elements Adaptor TwistPort TPA-PAF RF elements

Adaptor TwistPort TPA-ePMP RF elements

RF Elements

product code: #AX18833


Adaptor TwistPort TPA-ePMP RF elements

Product description:

Product description

TwistPort Adaptor for ePMP 1000 AP, CSM, ePMP Force 300 CSM, ePMP 3000L AP allows easy integration with any RF-Elements antenna with TwistPort connector. TwistPort Adaptor uses special coaxial connectors without threads, so the integration of AP Radios is revolutionary easy. Simply slide the radio into the Adaptor until you hear “click”. To unlock, press the button and slide the radio out.

Symmetrical Sectors feature industry changing TwistPortTM Connector, our patent pending quick-locking waveguide port. TwistPortTM is virtually lossless: there are no coaxial RF connectors or RF cables, that cause significant signal loss. Connection and disconnection is brilliantly simple "twist and snap" and can be done with one hand.

TwistPort Adaptors make most popular connectorized radios and MikroTik RouterBoards compatible with TwistPort antennas. Integration into TwistPort eco-system ensures the benefits of low loss, high scalability, easy co-location, simple deployment and easy maintenance.

Compatibility list

  • ePMP 1000 AP
  • CSM
  • ePMP 3000L AP
  • ePMP 300 CSM

Technical parameters

Connectors and Interfaces

RF connectors:  TwistPort

Physical characteristics

Purpose:  Outdoor
Material:  Aluminum, UV stabilized ABS plastic
Operating temperature [°C]:  -40 up to 60
Weight [g]:  400
Depth [mm]:  112
Width [mm]:  112
Height [mm]:  130

Wireless features

MIMO, SISO:  2 x 2
Polarization:  VH
VSWR:  < 1,8
Wireless frequency:  5 GHz