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Adaptor TwistPort TPA-RM5 RF elements Antenna 5GHz Dish ULD-TP-400 24.5dBi TwistPort RF elements

Adaptor TwistPort TPA-SMA 2xRSMA RF elements

RF Elements

product code: #AX18829


Adaptor TwistPort TPA-SMA 2xRSMA RF elements

Product description:

TPA-SMA is a TwistPort converter adapter from TwistPort to (2) RSMA-female connectors. The adapter allows connect any two-polarized radio to be connected by RF cables. The adapter is capable of operating in the 5180 to 6400MHz band.

RSMA female connectors

TPA-SMA provides industry most used RP-SMA male coaxial interface in dual linear H+V polarization.

Minimized Loss

RP-SMA connectors are placed directly on waveguide, avoiding use of inner coaxial cables and minimizing loss to necessary minimum.

Technical parameters

Connectors and Interfaces

RF connectors:  TwistPort, (2) RSMA female

Physical characteristics

Mounting:  On the antenna
Shielding:  Yes
Purpose:  Outdoor
Material:  Aluminum, UV stabilized ABS plastic
Operating temperature [°C]:  -40 up to 60
Weight [g]:  210
Depth [mm]:  134
Width [mm]:  90
Height [mm]:  90

Wireless features

MIMO, SISO:  2 x 2
Polarization:  VH
VSWR:  < 1,8
Wireless frequency:  5 GHz