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Cable glands Pg11 and M20 Jirous GentleBOX JR-250 Alu Jirous

GentleBOX JE-250 Alu Jirous


product code: #AX13231


GentleBOX JE-250 Alu Jirous

Product description:

Inner size 246 x 185 x 61/50 mm
Material Aluminum alloy with high corrosion protection
Weight 1.5 kg


ø 19 - 42 mmhose clip(including package C) ø 21 - 54 mmbracket (including package T)
≥ ø 19 mmmetal strip, long hose clip, .... (max widht 19 mm, not including package) on the wall(not including package assembling materials)
  • GentleBOX JE-250 Alu is an ideal metal outdoor box for installation of electronics
  • Metal body assures rezistance against interferences, hight rezistance against lightning and water
  • Box included ventilation plug for the best water protection

  • Assembling screws and plastic self-hold distance tubes (8/8 pcs)
  • Easy to instal on mast or wall - variable
  • The package includes cable gland, which is secured against spinning by specially molded retaining lines
  • Hinge with end stop for cable glands protection
  • UBNT Rocket instalation by GentleCLIP
  • Ready for easy instalation Mikrotik RouterBoards RB 411, RB911, RB912, RB433, RB493, others by sheet (not including the package)

  • Cable gland M20 + sealing for cables ø 4 - 10 mm, it is aesy put through the RJ45
  • Possibility to use up to 13 cable glands (with markers for drilling)
  • Use cable glands M20 only with sealing!
Availables models:
  • JE-250 S2T - lock by non-lose screws, two cable glands, instalation by bracket
  • JE-250 S2C - lock by non-lose screws, two cable glands, instalation by hose clip
  • JE-250 L2C - lock by latch, two cable glands, instalation by hose clip
  • Other models on request