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GentleBOX JA-318 MIMO Jirous Panel antenna JPA-10 Jirous

JPA-10PR Radiator to off-set parabola Jirous


product code: #AX13182


JPA-10PR Radiator to off-set parabola Jirous

Product description:

  • Feeder for the off-set parabola
  • Suitable for majority of the off-set parabola
  • Contains all parts which are needed for installation
  • Using of low cost parabola can made high gain antenna
  • attainable distance can be calculated in the section of calculation
Technical parameters:
Frequency range 2,4 - 2,485 GHz
VSWR ≤ 1,5
Connector N - Female
Polarization horizontal or vertical according to position

Recommended to use the offset parabolas. Some parabolas can be used without mechanical modifications, but with some you will have to adjust the holder, in order to tilt for horizontal reception. The gain of the unit with parabola depends on several parameters; therefore it is possible to estimate without measuring only. Approximate values are given in following table.

Approximate gain according to the parabola:
ø 40 cm 17 dBi
ø 60 cm 20 dBi
ø 70 cm 22 dBi
ø 90 cm 25 dBi
ø 120 cm 28 dBi
ø 150 cm 30 dBi