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Parabolic antenna JRC-35DD DuplEX Precision Jirous Parabolic antenna JRC-35DD MIMO PriS Jirous

Parabolic antenna JRC-35DD MIMO Precision Jirous


product code: #AX13206


Parabolic antenna JRC-35DD MIMO Precision Jirous

Product description:

  • dual-polarized antenna MIMO, horizontal/vertical or 2x45°polarization
  • precise, robust bracket JDMW-900 developed for proffesional microwave links
  • precise and easy azimuth and elevation setting
  • extra corrosion resistance
  • deep dish increases isolation among antennas on a mast
  • new concept with extended frequency band
  • high front to back ratio
  • direction link for long distance or medium link in difficult conditions
  • possible to count attainable distance from section of calculation
  • radom (plastic parabola cover) is included in the price


Technical parameters


Gain 35 ±1 dBi
VSWR 5,1 - 5,9 GHz ≤ 1,4
Front to back ratio ≥ 53 dB
Beamwidth -3 dB 3,1°
Polarization linear, horizontal/vertical or 2x45°
Port to port isolation 5,1 - 5,9 GHz ≥ 26 dB
Connector N or R-SMA
Parabola ø 1200 mmaluminium alloy with baking colour
Radom UV stabilized ABS
Installation on mast ø 80 - 120 mm right or left mounting
ø 60 - 80 mm - with adjustable wind bracing set
Highest operating wind speed without wind bracing 110 km/h
with wind bracing 140 km/h
Highest possible wind speed 210 km/h

The radiator is internally treated by high frequency technology "Hydrophobic coating" which increases resistance against humidity.

When mounting in difficult wind conditions we reccomand wind bracing set. When mounting on mast ø 60 - 80 mm it is necessary to use adjustable wind bracing set.

#Recommended accessories 

  • Wind bracing set JRZ-1200