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GentleBOX JB-319 MIMO Jirous

Parabolic antenna JRB-25 MIMO Jirous


product code: #AX13184


Parabolic antenna JRB-25 MIMO Jirous

Product description:

JRB-25 MIMO is dual-polarized directional parabolic antenna for MIMO links at the frequency range 3.5 GHz. Special deep parabola ensures increased interference resistance and allows the instalation of more links on the same mast.

Suitable usage:
  • for directional links for medium distance or short distance in difficult conditions
  • suitable usage with Ubiquiti Rocket M3
  • antenna is prepared for mounting of the GentleBOX JR-200, the connectors are placed directly inside
  • easy azimuth and elevation setting
  • metal construction, parabola made of the aluminium alloy
  • the feeder is internally processed with high frequency technology "Hydrophobic coating" which increases resistance against humidity
  • Radom (plastic parabola cover) for each antenna free!
  • Antenna is available on the request with stainless steel bracket

Technical parameters:
Frequency range 3.4 - 3.7 GHz
Gain 25.0 ± 0.6 dBi
Return loss (VSWR) ≤ 1.5
Beamwidth -3dB 8.5°
Front to back ratio ≥ 32 dB
Cross-port isolation ≥ 26 dB)
Polarization horizontal and vertical
Type of connector R-SMA
Parabola ø 68 cm, aluminium alloy with baking colour
Cover UV steady plastic ABS
Instalation for mast ø 27 - 74 mm
Setting of elevation ± 15°

Recommended accessories:
  • GentleBOX JR-200
  • GentleCLIP bracket for Ubiquiti Rocket M3


  • GentleBOX JR-200 for installation of the Ubiquiti Rocket M3