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Cable H155 100m Cable RF-400 up to 6GHz Ultra Low Loss. 100m

Cable RF-240 up to 6GHz. 100m

product code: #AX10072


Cable RF-240 up to 6GHz. 100m

Super Low Loss / 100m roll

Product description:

50Ω coaxial cable. Features very good electrical characteristics and resistance to weather conditions.
Copper core diameter 1.45 mm+/-0.02 mm
Outer diameter 3.81 mm +/- 0.05 mm
Shield Foil/Al double bonnded
Foil coverage rate 100 %
CuSn braid 16x8x0.15
Braid coverage rate 93 %
Material PE
Outer diameter 6.10 mm +/-0.10 mm
Colour black
Electrical parameters
Impedance 50 Ohm +/

240 Cable has diameters the same as H155 cable but much better parameters and can be used for up to 6GHz instalations. All conectors for H155 fits to this cable.