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Converter SD-200B-24 24-24V 200W 8.4A Converter Sine 1000 / 1500W 24V / 230V

Converter Sine 1000 / 1500W 12V / 230V UPS

product code: #AX16563


Converter Sine 1000 / 1500W 12V / 230V UPS

Product description:

Voltage converter SINUS-1500 UPS 12V with 1000W continuous power and permissible instantaneous power up to 1500W (up to 30s).  The SINUS UPS series of converters is characterized by a built-in charger (rectifier) ​​and a switching system that is activated when the power supply fails.  The built-in charger with a maximum current of 8A means that the battery is automatically recharged as soon as the power supply appears. In this case, the inverter output voltage is transmitted directly from the input (this is the so-called UPS OFF-LINE system). Switching to battery power supply from the inverter occurs at the time of power failure. The switching time is so short that the devices connected to the inverter will work without any interruption. SINUS UPS converters will also prove themselves when we use the converter to ensure access to 230V voltage where mains power is not available. In the field (on a camping, yacht in a car) the device will work as an inverter generating 230 voltage from the battery, and at home it can act as a rectifier that will charge our battery.  We gain space (one device) and costs, because the price of a SINUS UPS converter is not much higher than a converter with a similar power and without a UPS function. When choosing a device, it must be taken into account that the devices consume more current during commissioning than during operation. It can be assumed that with some devices the inrush current can be even 5x higher than the current consumed during normal operation, so when choosing a converter it is worth ensuring an adequate supply. It is also worth having a spare so that the device does not work all the time to its maximum efficiency - which will increase its reliability and durability.  The SINUS UPS converter is characterized by the fact that its output is supplied with a voltage in the form of a real sine wave, closest to that which occurs in the power supply network. Thanks to this, there should be no problems with powering devices such as power tools, motors, pumps and home appliances from the inverter.The most important features:

  • Input voltage 11-15V
  • 1000W continuous power, 1500W instantaneous power (30 seconds)
  • current consumption by an unloaded 300mA converter
  • 230V output voltage (min 220V max 240V)
  • Frequency 50 Hz + -2 Hz
  • 82% efficiency
  • Protection against excessive load if the load exceeds the allowable by more than 20%
  • Short circuit protection - results in automatic shutdown.
  • Thermal protection - works when the temperature exceeds 60-70 "C
  • Protection against excessive discharge of the battery 10.7 + -0.3V