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Battery Talvico AGM 6V, 6Ah Battery Talvico AGM 6V, 8Ah

Battery Talvico AGM 6V, 7,2Ah

product code: #AX11987


Battery Talvico AGM 6V, 7,2Ah

Life 5 years

Product description:

Supply of telecommunication systems, alarm and access control, power portable devices in the industry and energy. Technology: AGM - acid maintenance-free batteries, the electrolyte is absorbed in a separator with glass mat. Type: sealed lead-acid batteries, with safety valve Features: - Life 5 years (6-9 years. Eurobat) - More than 500 cycles at discharge up to 50%. Specifications: Rated voltage: 6V Capacity: 7,2Ah Weight: 1,1 kg Dimensions (L / w / h): 151 x 34 x 94 mm Connectors: 4,8mm